Personality Paper Cups Collection

At Cupernican paper cups company, we have the honor of working with super-creative HoReCa clients, and super-smart vending machine operators. Our priority is to mix and match competitive pricing with excellent client care. But now there’s also something else. What if we told you that paper cups could become one of your business’s top attractions? What if we told you that new customers would come to you simply because they knew you had THESE cups?

Personality Paper Cups is a collection of paper coffee cups designed by Cupernican to help you cuptivate your audience. As you know, whenever customers are buying something, they are most thrilled when believing that the products tell something about them and help express their unique personal identities. What we did, therefore, was look deeply into people’s habits of drinking coffee and create 10 different cups representing 10 different types of coffee drinker identities.

Are you a coffee conservative who’s only taking his coffee black and strong? Go ahead and choose the Mr. Old Schooler cup. Or perhaps you are only drinking decaf? There’s the Decaf Budha cup for you. Or maybe you are one of those trendy hipsters who’s always looking to post Instagram pics of a brand new syrupy latte? You should take your coffee in the Trendy Wendy cup. Are you a successful career person using coffee as fuel to optimize your efficiency? Then you will certainly see the humor of the Fuel-Hungry Robot cup. And so on.


Choose your personality

Cuptivate your customers

Choosing, as they say, is half the fun. By giving your customers a freedom to pick not only the drink they are having, but also the personality cup they are having it in, you will enhance the special experience of visiting your place of business.

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